Our Story

What sparked our spreads…

Mounib Real Food Only is female owned and operated, and named after our founder, Iman Mounib. Iman knows first hand the negative effects that refined sugars and over processed foods can have on your physical and mental health. When encountering gut health issues that stemmed from a high stress lifestyle, Iman took personal interest in the importance of being mindful of sugar consumption and sticking to natural sugars and whole foods to help support optimal brain health, lower stress levels, and maintain a healthy gut. What started as a personal journey of finding ways to naturally sweeten breakfasts, special snacks and desserts, turned into the creation of healthy chocolate spreads that have no refined sugars or palm oils, and are dairy and gluten free. 

Our mission is to create nourishing and delicious chocolate spreads with responsibly sourced real ingredients you can trust that satisfy your sweet cravings and leave you feeling energised. Our chocolate spreads are crafted to naturally sweeten and elevate all of your kitchen creations. 

Our impact

At Mounib Real Food Only, we value sourcing our ingredients ethically, responsibly, and at fair prices that contribute to improving the standards of living for small scale farmers. We source our nuts from a Montreal based business, our honey from a local Mennonite operated honey farm, and our responsibly sourced cane sugar and cacao powder is organic and fair trade. We source our glass jars and label our chocolate spreads right here in the GTA. When you purchase our chocolate spreads, you can have confidence in fueling your body with healthy and responsibly sourced ingredients while contributing to the production of a thriving local economy.