Hazelnuts + Honey + Cacao. That's it.

Made with only 3 simple ingredients, our original Hazelnut Chocolate Spread is not just delicious - it’s packed with superfoods to help you conquer the day.

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Only 4g Of Sugar Per Serving.

With only 4 grams of natural sugar per serving, our spreads are the perfect sweet indulgence that you can feel good about.

Peanut Chocolate

You're healthy alternative to Chocolate Peanut Cups.


Healthy Made Easy.

Being healthy shouldn't be an added burden. We don't believe in eliminating the things we love, but rather replacing it with something better. That's why we crafted our nutty chocolate spreads with health and simplicity in mind.

An Image of a Hazelnut Chocolate Spread along side motherdough toronto sourdough spread with hazelnut chocolate spread, blueberries and honey.

“If you want to lift a hundred pounds, you don't expect to succeed the first time. You start with a lighter weight and work up little by little. You actually fail to lift a hundred pounds, every day, until the day you succeed. But it is in the days when you are exerting yourself that the growth is occurring.”  ― Norman Doidge